Spark your own journey

This book has been a part of my soul for many years.  I began to write it as a student in Spiritual Counseling.  The course made me delve deeper into my soul’s purpose.

What was finally birthed are love letters in the form of these meditations to my Beloved, my God, my Higher Power, whatever that entity of Pure Love is for you.

My seeking has taken me through so many avenues.  I have been a Team leader for Cursillo, a staff member at a local Parish, and even became an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  Through these years of seeking and growth, I journaled and wrote pages and pages. It usually led me to a place of Thanksgiving and Gratitude.  It has been an honor to lead women’s recovery retreats and workshops. My “work” is service. Isn’t that what we are called to do?

What journey are you on? Meditation is the greatest way to “hear” the messages.  Enjoy the freedom that I found and let it spark your own journey to freedom and Pure Love!

Take a break and enjoy a day or weekend for meditation and resting with your Beloved.  “Wasting time with God” is one of my favorite mantras.  Take a dose of happiness and joy!

What They Say

This book has been a part of my soul for many years.